About Me

I’m a freelancer, working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 2006. I began as a C/AL developer and worked on some intra-logistic projects, including the development of an ACDS system that supported pick-by-voice. I love technology and programmed several extension for NAV in languages like C#. I love projects that are difficult, like the combination of industrial hardware (e.g. sorting machines) with Dynamics NAV.

I also worked on a lot of EDI projects and this became my main focus over the last few years. I’m responsible for an extension to NAV called Anveo EDI Connect. And I’m working as a consultant on EDI projects in combination with NAV. More information about my current projects are below in the section projects.

I’m in general interested in software development and design. I programmed in several programming languages, like Basic, Microsoft FoxPro, C/C++, C#, PHP and several other script languages. I got my engineering degree in informatics at the Hamburg University of Technology. I like to go rock climbing, photography and spend a lot of my free time with circuit design and microcontrollers.



Anveo EDI Connect

Anveo EDI Connect is currently my biggest project. It is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics NAV that allows you to convert EDI data directly in NAV. The whole configuration can be done by the end-user or an NAV developer. It supports the client version NAV 5 and above, while the database version is not important. No default objects are modified and everything is developed to be modular and flexible. A lot of converters are already included for formats like EDIFACT, X12, Text / CSV, XML. The module also allows you to monitor the data interchange and supports a lot of communication channels directly from NAV.

You can get more information on the product page.

C/AL Obfuscator

The purpose of the C/AL Obfuscator is to secure the source code of your NAV objects. If you fear that a competitor might copy your code or if you just want to make it impossible for other NAV partners to modify your code, the obfuscator helps, by making the code unreadable. The functionality of your objects is not changes. If you’re interested in the software, please contact me. But please be aware that obfuscating C/AL objects might conflict with your license agreement with Microsoft or might be illegal in certain countries.

NAV Build Server

If you’re developing an extension for NAV and want to support different version it can be tricky to build all the application objects. The software I developed can help you by automating several steps of the process. Please contact me for further details.